Innovative Benefits - Health & Dental Plans Alberta

Innovative Benefits - Health & Dental Plans Alberta

We are a premier provider of Private Health Service Plans in Alberta and across Western Canada

What is a Private Health Service Plan?

A Private Health Service Plan (PHSP) is a self insured, Health & Dental Plan approved by the Canada Revenue Agency in 1987 (Subsection 248(1)) to put self employed business owners on equal footing with larger companies who have the ability of providing Tax Free Benefit Plans allowing a non-taxable reimbursement for employees (and their dependents).

In simple terms a PHSP is a Health & Dental Plan that allows business owners to pay for theirs, their dependents, and their employees medical and dental expenses with Pre-Tax Corporate Income versus After-Tax personal income reducing your health and dental costs by as much as 40 percent depending on the individual’s marginal tax rate.

Our benefit plan outlays are a tax deductible business expense while claim proceeds are received tax free.

Health Spending Accounts

We offer 4 customizable plans to ensure there is a program suitable for every type of business entity and corporate structure with employees, regardless of the size of the business or if there is an existing benefit plan.

How it Works?

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We are your solution for finding the right health and dental plan for you and your family. We understand that choosing a benefits plan can be complicated and overwhelming. Let us do the work for you.

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