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Executive Cost Plus

These plans are applicable (and almost always a must) for any business that already has a traditional group plan in place. What we refer to as "Benefit Fusion"- call us at 780-448-0783 to discover how we can help reduce the cost and volatility associated with many group benefit plans. With IB's expertise and "executive cost plus plan" we will identify the most cost effective and tax efficient way to fund your executive benefit programs as well as managements personal medical and dental expenditures.

  • Stated annual limits should not exceed 10% of an employee’s earned income as a general rule of “reasonableness”. 12 month carry forward of unused credits may be applied.
  • Plan start dates will not be backdated although previously incurred claims/expenses may be brought forward to be included in the plans initial fiscal year (not applicable for Health Spending Accounts).
  • Plans usually run based on a corporate fiscal year end. Contact us for details of account set up and limits.
  • In many cases the executive class will either be carved out of the dental component of the group plan or have reduced benefits. Please consult Innovative Benefits at 780-448-0783 for more details regarding an executive plan and Benefit Fusion.

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