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Disability Coverage For Professionals And Executives

If you’re like many business owners, you may have never considered what would happen if you suddenly became ill or injured and couldn’t devote the usual amount of time and energy to your business. A disability can cause your business to suffer because your business depends on you. In fact, if your business suffers, you may no longer be able to rely on it to provide your income. Many business owners are unaware that during a disability, a company cannot continue to write off owner salaries resulting in a higher corporate tax burden.

Ask Yourself:

  • How long could your business function if you were unable to be there?
  • How long will your clients remain loyal and continue to support your business?
  • Some employees are like family, how long could you retain your valuable employees?
    • Would they be there when you return to work?
  • How long could your business continue to pay the fixed expenses?
  • How will your creditors, suppliers and clients react when they become aware that you are no longer active in the business?

Consider your future income loss. A 45 year old earning $7,000 a month (with 2% inflation factor) has an income potential of $2,040,979 to age 65. Would you consider insuring a two-million dollar asset? Protect your business’ greatest asset – YOU.


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